Dayboro Llama Walks

Dayboro Cottages and Llama Walks

Are you searching for unique animal tours near me and you in Moreton Bay Region’s hinterland? If so, look no further than Dayboro Cottages and Llama Walks.

The property’s owners run llama walks including morning tea and a llama feeding from 9am to 11am on Saturdays and Sundays (weather permitting).

What to Expect from Llama Walk Things to do in Dayboro

Guests are paired off to share a llama between them. Each pair is given 2 leads, 1 for each person, to guide their friendly llama through the llama enclosure, and out to the pasture where the hike begins.

Llama walking groups are led and supervised by the knowledgeable and experienced Dayboro Cottages and Llama Walks owners.

The hike will see guests traverse uneven terrain hiking up dirt tracks and tackling a few steep inclines while drinking-in incredible views over valley the entire way up the mountain, to the turn-around point, before traveling back down to the llama enclosure for the feeding, followed by morning tea overlooking the valley.

Animal Lovers Get Up Close to Llamas!

Things to do in Dayboro don’t get more unique than meeting llamas up close.

The beautiful llamas who call Dayboro Cottages and Llama Walks home are simply a joy to be around. These curious, interesting and calming characters each boast their very own, distinct personality – some are shy, while others are boisterous, some are cheeky, while others are quieter, some love pellet food (looking at you Romeo), others not so much.

Llamas originate from the Americas, they are amongst the earliest of all domesticated animals. A member of the camelid family, llamas are a herd animal, but react very positively to people. Extremely versatile, these gorgeous animals come in a wide variety of colours, sizes and personalities!

A friendly and sweet-natured companion, llamas are commonly used as pack animals in mountainous areas and to aid those who enjoy hiking and backpacking. Capable of carrying one third of their body weight, llamas are a quiet and willing hiking companion. With their two-toed feet, llamas are agile and sure-footed on difficult terrain, and their soft foot pads are low impact on the environment.

Dayboro Llama Walks Details

When: Guided Llama Walks run on Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 11am (weather permitting).

Duration: The hike lasts for about an hour, followed by a llama feeding, with morning tea taking place after the feeding.

Please Bring: Hiking shoes or sneakers/runners are recommended, as well as a hat, sunscreen and a water bottle. Don’t forget your smart phone or camera to capture all the llama antics!

Upon Booking: Shortly before the day of your walk you will be sent an email with booking confirmation and parking map attachments. The confirmation contains need to know information and the map points out where to park and where to find the reception.

On the Day: Please arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled llama walks time and head to reception. Parking is located on the grass just behind the entrance sign, clearly visible on the right side of the road when traveling from Dayboro Township.

Need to Know: The walk includes a few somewhat steep ascents and descents so an average level of fitness is required.

Llama things to do in Dayboro must be pre-booked.

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