Baby Animals and Screaming Jets

Baby Animals and Screaming Jets, two of Australia’s finest rock bands, will perform together at Eatons Hill on June 16. 

Fronted by Suze DeMarchi and Dave Gleeson respectively, two of the country’s most dynamic performers, fans can look forward to a four to floor night of rock from these incredible live acts – complete with a massive setlist. Songs such as ‘Better’, ‘One Word’, ‘Helping Hand’, ‘Painless’, ‘Shivers’, ‘Early Warning’, ‘October Grey’, ‘Rush You’, ‘Eve Of Destruction’, ‘Needle’, ‘Make It End’ – you won’t hear a finer collection of rock songs assembled together!

The band, featuring DeMarchi, Leslie, drummer Mick Skelton and bassist Dario Bortolin, is currently writing for a new album and as frontwoman Suze DeMarchi states, “playing our asses off!”.

Details of Baby Animals and Screaming Jets: 

Date: 16th June 

Time: 7.00pm 

Location: Eatons Hill Hotel, 646 South Pine Road

Tickets: Purchase online 

ID: 6647574

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7.00 pm
16 June 2017


646 South Pine Road
Eatons Hill 4037

07 3325 6777

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