Redcliffe Santa Sleigh

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The Redcliffe Santa Sleigh is back in 2019, once again bringing Christmas Cheer to the streets of Redcliffe. A much-loved tradition of the local area, Santa and his helpers will visit all suburbs of Redcliffe between 5pm – 8pm most nights, giving out free lollies for children and spreading the Christmas spirit.

To find out when Santa will be visiting your street, please download your area timetable at

Santa is on a tight schedule (weather depending), so to ensure you don’t miss out on seeing the big man in red, here are our top tips:

  • Visit to determine which night Santa will visit your street (please note in the event of inclement weather routes will be rescheduled)
  • Santa visits between 5pm – 8pm, so make sure you are home at this time
  • Keep your windows open so you can listen out for Santa’s Christmas Carols, which will be playing from the sleigh – this tells you when he is close!
  • When you hear Santa’s carols and he is in your street, either wave from the window or head to the footpath if you have children so Santa can stop and say hello (Parents/Guardians – please ensure you supervise your children carefully on the footpath)

Listen for Santa’s Sleigh bells between 5:00pm – 8:00pm!

Monday 25th November - Area 1

Area bordered by Oyster Point Esp., Reef Point Esp, Fortune Street, Landsborough Ave, Kennedy Esp, Murphy Street & Sunnyside Road.

Tuesday 26th November – Area 2

Area bordered by Sunnyside Rd, Murphy St, Kennedy Esp, Flinders Parade, Griffith Rd, Scarborough Rd, Eversleigh Rd, Fleetwing Ave, Walkers Creek Canal, Albatross Canal, Kestrel Canal, Beacons Cres.

Wednesday 27th November – Area 3

Area bordered by Oyster Point Esp Beacon Cres, Reliance Ct, Intrepid Ct, Aurora Plc, Arcadia Cres, Klinger Rd Brunel St, Lionheart Cres, Morna Street to the water front, Southern Cross Drive & Endeavour Esp.

Thursday 28th November – Area 4

Area bordered by Gynther Rd, Anzac Ave, Masterton St, to the waterfront. (Morris Rd Area)

Friday 29th November – Area 5

Area bordered by Brenner Rd, Coman St, Tranquility Dve, Anzac Ave. (Rothwell West)

Monday 2nd December – Area 6

Area bordered by Brenner Rd, Anzac Ave, Gynther Rd, Anzac Round & Deception Bay Intersection (Rothwell East)

Tuesday 3rd December – Area 7

Area bordered by Anzac Ave, Mandin St, Kippa St, Brunel St, Boardman Rd & rail line (Kippa Ring West)

Wednesday 4th December – Area 8

Area bordered by Klinger Rd, Ashmole Rd, Henzell St, Elisabeth Ave. (Kippa Ring East)

Thursday 5th December - Area 9

Area bordered by Elizabeth Ave, Snook St, Macdonnell Rd and Hercules Rd. (Kippa Ring)

Friday 6th December - Area 10

Area bordered by King St (North), Maine Rd, Duffield Rd (North), Elizabeth Ave, Macdonnell Rd, and Maine Rd (East), Clontarf North.

Sunday 8th December – Area 11

Area bordered by King St, Silcock St, Golf Club boundary, Hornibrook Esp, & Thomas St. (Clontarf Bridge)

Monday 9th December – Area 12

Area bordered by Thomas St, King St, Elizabeth Ave, Duffield Rd, Maine Rd and King St to Hornibrook Esp. (Clontarf East)

Tuesday 10th December – Area 13

Area bordered by King St, Victoria Ave (West), Macdonnell Rd, Maine Rd (east) (Margate West).

Wednesday 11th December – Area 14

Area bordered by Bells Beach Park, King St, Oxley Ave, Hornibrook Esp (Woody Point West)

Thursday 12th December – Area 15

Area bordered by Oxley Ave, Macdonnell Rd, Margate Parade, Woodcliffe Cres. (Woody Point East)

Friday 13th December - Area 16

Area bordered by King St, Victoria Ave (East), Macdonnell Rd, Oxley Ave. (Margate West)

Monday 16th December - Area 17

Area bordered by Macdonnell Rd, Redcliffe Cemetery, Henzell St, Anzac Ave, Oxley Ave.

Tuesday 17th December – Area 18

Area bordered by Ashmole Rd, Eversleigh Rd, Scarborough Rd, Recreation St, Anzac Ave. (Ashmole East side)

Wednesday 18th December – Area 19

Area bordered by Scarborough Rd, Griffith Rd, Queens Beach, Klingner Rd.

Thursday 19th December – Area 20

Area bordered by Recreation St, Klingner Rd, Marine Pde, Macdonnell Rd, Oxley Ave. (Redcliffe Central)

Area Maps can be found HERE

Redcliffe Santa Sleigh 2019 is run by Redcliffe PCYC.

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Booking Notes

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Monday 25th November 5:00pm
Friday 20th December 8:00pm


Redcliffe QLD, Australia


Santa Sleigh starts next Monday 25th November at 5 pm. Watch this space for updates

Posted by Redcliffe Police Citizens Youth Club on Monday, 18 November 2019

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