Redcliffe - My Family's Favourite Place

Lately, whenever we have some free time, my family loves heading up to Redcliffe. Usually, we usually end up at the beach - Sutton’s Beach is the current favourite! But there really is so much to do in the Redcliffe area.

If we have a free morning or afternoon it’s just so easy to get the kids to throw on some boardies, t-shirt, sunscreen and hat and drive up to the beach.

Redcliffe Suttons Beach Moreton Bay Region

lt doesn't have to be warm either to enjoy the beach. My kids, like most, love playing in the sand. With or without buckets and spades they'll dig and build in the sand for as long as we let them!

Redcliffe Scooter Moreton Bay Region

The walk and cycle path along the shoreline at Redcliffe makes it such a lovely place to go for a stroll, or maybe even take the kids scooters or bikes up for a ride. There are also some playgrounds dotted along the way which make great stopping points or just destinations in themselves.

Redcliffe Lagoon Swimming Moreton Bay Region

When the weather is warm enough it is very hard to keep my kids away from the water! It's such a gentle, protected beach that the kids feel confident splashing around and enjoying cooling off. There is also the lagoon at Settlement Cove which is another fantastic family fun spot at Redcliffe. Great for swimming and playing in the water. There is also some bbqs, and a playground. We head there when we're all planning on a big swim and play in the water.

Redcliffe Suttons Beach Picnic Moreton Bay Region

With 4 kids we like packing some food and having a picnic at the beach. There are plenty of tables and benches on the grassed area which makes picnicking so easy. If we're on a tight budget, and we don't have 'picnic' food in the pantry, there are shops in close proximity where it's easy to drop by on our way to grab some bread rolls, sandwich meat, and fruit (and maybe even a treat or two).

Redcliffe Suttons Beach Restaurant Moreton Bay Region

Of course, there are also a lot of wonderful places to eat at Redcliffe as well. For a special treat, we'll choose one of the many restaurants or cafes and buy something to eat. If there hasn't been any water play at the beach then we'll usually eat in, but getting some takeaway fish and chips and eating down near the beach has a special charm that we love!

Redcliffe Museum Kids Corner Moreton Bay Region

If we're not in the mood for the beach, or the weather is putting us off being on the sand, there are lots of other things to do with kids in Redcliffe. Little shops and alleyways to explore, and regular markets to wander through. My kids are all bookworms so libraries are always a hit, and the Library at Redcliffe is lovely and centrally located. We also enjoy visiting the Redcliffe Museum, lots of interesting displays about the history of the area, and a fun kids science corner that the kids thought was great.

For other great family fun activities in Redcliffe, we recommend:

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Looking for more things to do and see? Pop into one of the region's Accredited Visitor Information Centres, the volunteers have a wealth of local knowledge.

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