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Looking for a memorable sky adventure experience this winter near Brisbane? There’s adventure waiting in the sky, and I think you’d better come quick or it might just pass you by. Yes, there’s Moreton Bay adventure waiting for you this winter, with plenty of opportunities for adrenaline junkies, nature lovers, and historians alike. Adult or kid, there’s things to do and sights to see this winter. So, put your seat into the upright and locked position, because you’re going to be flying through Moreton Bay Region.

Land yourself a great time this winter

This isn’t a trust fall – you’ve got a parachute. You’ve got someone with you. But that doesn’t change the insane adrenaline rush of a drop from 15,000ft. All of Moreton Bay Region is in front of you, stretching from the soft blue waters of the bay to the distant peaks and rainforests of The D’Aguilar National Park. It’s hard to get a true grasp of how large our nation is without being up in the air, looking down as you fall.

Luckily for you, there’s plenty of Moreton Bay skydiving opportunities. Skydiving in Redcliffe doesn’t get better than Skydive Brisbane, and there’s plenty of places to keep busy nearby, like The Rustic Olive or Suttons Beach Pavilion. Taking in the phenomenal views of Bribie Island is easy with Skydive Bribie Island. Looking for a guaranteed beach landing, or to jump with a friend? Skydive Brisbane has got you covered.

Keep yourself grounded with local history

For those who prefer to keep themselves planted on terra firma (the more firmer, the less terror), there’s still plenty to do in Moreton Bay Region. Those who want a taste of local and international aeronautics history will enjoy a walk around Caboolture Warplane Museum. The museum has five flying warbirds repaired to working condition, many models, a Bren Gun Carrier, donated RAAF uniforms and more. Visiting Caboolture Warplane Museum is a must for those with an interest in past Australian conflicts or aeronautic engineering. Make sure to ask if any planes are flying on the day!

Just a 15-minute drive northwest is another wonder for history buffs. Wander through the old town at Caboolture Historical Village. Walk along historic streets, taking in the sights of schoolhouses, churches, blacksmiths, dentists, and homes from the past. Each building has been carefully filled with antiques donated by locals since the 1950s. Learn about the dark underbelly of crime in Caboolture prison, and see objects taken from Brisbane’s infamous Boggo Road Prison. Take a tour of the area on a restored steam engine as it travels along the train tracks from the local station.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it’s a kite! Keep your feet on the ground and look up to the skies as Moreton Bay Region celebrates Redcliffe Kitefest. This colourful display of local talent takes place at Pelican Park, home to one of Australia’s most iconic native birds. Take in the fantastic live music and the many stalls, displays, and tastes of this authentic local event. Watch the Jet Ski Stunt Show for a phenomenal display of skill and grace out on Moreton Bay.

Watch as dozens of domestic and international kite flyers show their skills, blanketing the sky in different colours and sights. Lose yourself in the elegant movements of these dainty crafts in the seaside breeze. Let the kids enjoy low-cost activities and kite spotting, while the adults enjoy a cold drink at the Bar by the Bay. There’s something at Kitefest for everyone this winter.

While you’re there, make sure to drop into Clontarf Visitor Information Centre for more things to do.

Keep yourself fed at Moreton Bay Food & Wine Festival

Hungry after all that? Enjoy local and international taste sensations at the Moreton Bay Food & Wine Festival this September. Walk along Redcliffe Foreshore and enjoy the many food stalls, pop-up bars, and dining precincts. Learn ways to bring this sensational cooking into your own home at one of the many cooking demonstrations or seminars by local and international celebrity chefs.

There’s also plenty of live entertainment over the course of the festival. Make sure to stick around on the Saturday night to see the phenomenal fireworks display, lighting up the waters and sands of Moreton Bay with brilliant explosions of colour. Entry is free, but there are ticketed events all throughout the festival, like the stunning Bee Gees Way Dinner. Make sure you secure this limited time opportunity for yourself now!

So come on a sky adventure experience with me through Moreton Bay Region today #visitmoretonbayregion!

Looking for more local adrenaline adventures? Pop into one of the region's Accredited Visitor Information Centres, the volunteers have a wealth of knowledge about things to do and see in the Moreton Bay Region.

Renee Gusa

Renee is a crafting, gardening, nature-loving, somewhat techy, DIY’er with a passion for cultural heritage, reading, art, camping and exploring with her family. She may not be the world’s best cook or run a marathon (although she did run 5km once), but she loves her job in digital marketing where she gets to tell everyone about her little slice of heaven north of Brisbane – be sure to Visit Moreton Bay Region and see what you're missing out on!

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