Spooky Places in the Moreton Bay Region

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From tall tales to urban myths and just down right ‘scare the pants off you’ places to visit after dark, here’s some spooky places you might just want to check out this Halloween…… if you dare!

Victoria House Woody Point Visit Moreton Bay Region

Victoria house, Woody Point

An old sea captain was said to have built this house and an identical one at Sandgate. Family members could look out from the top floor and signal to others in the Sandgate house. Everyone called it the wedding cake house or ghost house as it was believed to be haunted. The house was in its original existence until 1968, when it was burnt down.

Bribie Island Bunkers Girl Looking Through Window

Lost hospital, Bribie Island

In the bushlands behind what remains of Fort Bribie, is thought to be the hidden location of a WWII underground hospital. The original plans for the fortified site called for a Casualty Dressing Station, whilst eyewitness accounts confirm there was a hospital. There is speculation as to whether it was underground and or even used!

Caboolture Historical Village Moreton Bay Region Old District Hospital Building

Tortured souls, Caboolture Historical Village

The old hospital which stands in the grounds of the Caboolture Historical Village was originally a family home, but became a hospital called Riverview Private Hospital in 1920. In 2015 there was a group of people who did a night tour of the Historical Village grounds, they were too afraid to walk up the wooden stairs to the verandah of the hospital as they could feel the ghosts within.

Woody Point Redcliffe Gayundah Shipwreck Near Brisbane Moreton Bay Region

HMQS Gayundah, Woody Point

There is something eerie about the skeleton of a ship under the moon's rays. Whilst, HMQS Gayundah was purposely sunk at Woody Point Redcliffe to act as a windbreaker, it does have an eerie presence at night that will send a shiver down the spine.

Dayboro Cemetery

Situated on McKenzie St, Dayboro Cemetery is characterized by its many striking monuments and sweeping views of the valley. Grave sites date back over a century with pioneering families rumoured to be buried in Dayboro Cemetery.

Koala Wildlife Celebration Day Moreton Bay Region Header

Drop bears, Mungarra Reserve

Terrifying to tourists is the contemporary folklore of Australia’s drop bears. With red eyes and large fangs, these vicious creators are said to be abnormally large, living in treetops waiting for unsuspecting people to walk underneath their tree so they can drop onto their heads and attack! Mungarra Reserve is known for its wild koala population, so venture out… if you dare!

Vampires, Samford

Could Samford be home to vampires? The Yugar Railway Tunnel is known to be home to a unique bat colony. Used as a rubbish tip for almost thirty years, the tunnel came under the control of the University of Queensland for the purpose of bat research. Could there be vampires lurking in the 82 metres of darkness?

Gollum Tree Scarborough Redcliffe Creepy Moreton Bay Region

Gollum Tree, Scarborough

Local legend has it that Gollum, of Lord of the Rings fame, resides inside an ancient pine along Scarborough Beach. Step quietly around the Gollum Tree at Scarborough as you might upset the host.“AHHHH so many noises and laughter and little kiddies, master don’t likes it…” Keep an eye on your rings.

Blaire Witch Project, Mount Mee

Camping trips can be great fun, but the bushlands surrounding the camping grounds at Neurum Creek in the D’Aguilar National Park can be pretty spooky on a new moon. Don’t wander too far from the camp…

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