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Bribie Island capturedwithcandice

Top 10 Most-Liked Bayside Images of 2019

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It’s time to wrap up the year and uncover the best bayside locations in the Moreton Bay Region. Picture perfect and totally Instagrammable, these are the most liked bayside images shared from followers to our Instagram in 2019!

#10. Redcliffe by @kerry_lee

An historic and spectacularly beautiful seaside village overlooking the picturesque Moreton Bay, Redcliffe is a relaxing paradise by the ocean. People flock to Redcliffe for a day-trip from Brisbane looking to soak up the sunshine and relax on the beaches. But that's not all Redcliffe has to offer, providing ideal weekends stays in north Brisbane, the oceanfront town boasts a diversity of experiences, from sumptuous dining and seafood, live footy matches and on the bay animal encounters to performing arts, historical trails, festivals and events!

Sunset from the shores of Bribie Island ❤️

Posted by Sandstone Point Holiday Resort on Tuesday, 30 July 2019

#9. Sandstone Point Jetty by @sandstonepointholidayresort

Camp (or more like glamp given the beautiful safari tents available) at Sandstone Point Holiday Resort to have a view like this not far from where you sleep! Duck next door for an event or dinner by the Pumicestone Passage at Sandstone Point Hotel and you've got yourself a luxury getaway in the heart of the Moreton Bay Region!

#8. HMQS Gayundah by @lucas_maher_photography

Talk about hauntingly beautiful! This little shipwreck on the Redcliffe coastline is HMQS Gayundah, one of many purposefully decommission ships that now serves as a breakwater in our beautiful Moreton Bay.

Before she was beached, HMQS Gayundah’s chief duty was to protect the Queensland coastline with her 6 inch Armstrong gun protruding over the stern, an 8 inch breech loading 12 tonne gun, and 2 Nordenfeldt guns on the forecastle.

After Federation in 1902, Gayundah was retained by the Australian Navy and used as a training ship. In the early 1900s she made history by being the first warship in Australia to operate wireless telegraphy successfully.

#7. Bribie Island by @traceyblinco

As the only island in Queensland connected to the mainland by bridge, exploring all the natural beauty of Moreton Bay Region’s Bribie Island is a breeze.

With its carefree lifestyle, stunning beaches, national parks and coastal camping experiences encircled by the magnificent Pumicestone Passage; Bribie Island offers an island escape popular with families, camping enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

#6. Scarborough by @sailingaustralis

This impeccably maintained north of Brisbane swimming beach is the closest, sandy and safe swimming beach to the city. Shared paths and foreshore parkland have the bonus of being situated on the bay meaning this Brisbane swimming beach’s water is totally swim-safe and ideal for kayaking and sailing, plus it’s one of the best fishing spots in Redcliffe offering-up great opportunities to score a catch along the purpose-built groin! And look, it’s like a stairway to heaven.

#5. Margate Beach by @zidsphoto

Take a trip to the northern end of Margate Beach and you will find the quaint Scotts Point Swimming Pavilion built in 1937 which gives an insight into the popular beach life of a bygone era.

#4. Margate Beach by @kerry_lee

And just like that, a storm passed and turned Margate into a hue of pastels!

#3. Hornibrook Bridge by @crashtestdaddy69

Storm clouds and night-time lights illuminating the bridge that joins Brisbane to the Moreton Bay Region with the skeleton of the original bridge still standing just offside makes for a beautiful drive crossing the border! Discover the history of the three bridges here.

#2. Pumicestone Passage by @nathynunesc

Looking at these beautiful clear waters of Pumicestone Passage at Bribie Island makes us wonder why you'd ever want to leave??

#1. Bribie Island by @capturedwithcandice

Skippy taking a beachside stroll at Bribie Island. How many can say they've experienced this?

Just an hour north of Brisbane, Bribie Island is the only sand island connected to the mainland via bridge. Thanks to a large portion of the island being protected as a national park, there's an abundance of wildlife just mingling along the water front and through the forestry. Take a 4WD cruise down the Bribie Island inland track and you'll see just what we mean!

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