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Winter is Whale Watching Season in the Moreton Bay

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Although it is a slightly later than normal start to the whale watching season this year Humpback whales have started making their way to Moreton Bay and season finally beginning on July 4, it’s tipped they’ll be there in bigger numbers than usual.

Brisbane Whale Watching’s Captain Kerry Lopez says a drop in boat traffic as a result of COVID-19 restrictions will likely entice more whales into Moreton Bay.

She’s expecting a 10-12% increase and can’t wait to share the experience with guests this whale watching season. The season lasts through winter into early spring until the end of October.

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Make the Most of this Best Time for Whale Watching Queensland Waters by Being in the Perfect Place to Catch Sight of the Humpbacks Cresting

Each year, approximately 25,000 humpback whales migrate north, travelling over 10,000 kilometres from Antarctica, past Sydney and further up Australia’s east coast to the Great Barrier Reef to feed and breed in the warmer subtropical waters.

These awe-inspiring, incredibly intelligent sentient beings form unique, unbreakable bonds with their babies. They make the long journey to Australia’s warmer waters because baby whale calves don’t have enough body fat to survive the Antarctic waters straight after their birth.

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Towards the end of the whale migration season these beautiful and placid, colossal creatures head back to their summer feeding home in the freezing waters of Earth’s southernmost continent together with their newborns with whom they form unique, unbreakable bonds.

Visit Moreton Bay Region to spot these peaceful marine mammals breaching and frolicking as they swim together along the Humpback Highway. You may even catch sight of Australia’s famous, rare majestic white whale Migaloo, or Migaloo’s albino calf Migaloo Junior.

Tangalooma Island Resort Whale Watch Breach

Migaloo was first spotted in 1991 off Byron Bay, he is thought to be the world’s first documented albino humpback and even has his own ‘Migaloo the Whale’ Twitter account to keep track of his movements.

Tick whale watching off your bucket list this season and hashtag your whale watching experience on Insta #visitmoretonbayregion or tag us @visitmoretonbayregion on Facebook!

Looking for more things to do and see? Pop into one of the region's Accredited Visitor Information Centres, the volunteers have a wealth of local knowledge.

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