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No Limits 4x4 Hire

    Take on the most punishing terrain or cruise oceanside with a No Limits 4x4 Hire Land Rover ready to take you on the ultimate Aussie experience. Discover the unseen, test the limits and explore where no other vehicles can imagine.


    Thinking of exploring the Moreton Bay Region but not sure on the best way to see it all? Don’t hinder your choices – adapt your itinerary to the adventure you want to experience. Discover the region at your own pace in a rugged and reliable 4x4 for hire!

    Adventure off the beaten track with No Limits 4x4 Hire to take in the most spectacular scenery in the world including sandy shorelines, rocky mountains and, of course, the bush! Visit must-see places, travel through rugged terrain and explore places that would normally be considered out of reach, all with the peace of mind that you’re in a reliable four-wheel drive!

    Wherever you want to go, No Limits 4x4 Hire Land Rovers can take you there! The only limitation is your sense of adventure.

    4x4 Hire Vehicles

    With a fleet of ex-army Land Rover Perenties fitted with Isuzu diesel motors, full coil suspension, mechanical winch and retrieval gear, there’s not better 4x4 for hire to explore the beaches of the Moreton Bay Region.

    Particularly suited to Australia’s harsh terrain, these 4x4s for hire can help take you to places otherwise unexplored and unseen by others. Enjoy the true Aussie bush-bashing experience through the sands of Bribie Island National Park or take the barge to Moreton Island and discover what adventure really means.

    Tagalong Tours

    Is your sense of adventure driven by those around you? Join the No Limits 4x4 Hire team on a spectacular pre-planned journey with like-minded people in a tagalong tour – no four-wheel drive experience necessary!

    Feel free to use your own four-wheel drive or hire a Land Rover Perentie and get the run-down on basic 4x4 operation from the experienced tour guides. Everything you need is provided by the team; all you need to bring is any personal items you’d like to have on you.

    Camping Gear

    Discover the hinterland or fall asleep with the sounds of the ocean waves crashing on the shoreline when you hire a 4x4 overnight. To make the experience more comfortable, you can also hire a range of camping gear from a 4-person tent to a portable toilet and more. Forgot to bring an esky, fishing rod or camera? No problem, No Limits 4x4 Hire has them in stock too! Don’t be afraid to ask what other great camping gear they have to make your 4x4 camping experience a memorable one.

    Licencing Requirements

    Below are the licencing requirements for No Limits 4x4 Hire:

    1. Over 21 years of age and under 75 years of age;

    2. Valid and current driver’s licence for a manual vehicle, which legally authorises to drive the vehicle listed in the Vehicle Rental Agreement;

    3. Not currently under a suspended driver’s licence;

    4. Not currently disqualified from holding a driver’s licence;

    5. Not currently under a court order restricting the terms of the driver’s licence;

    6. Have not had the driver’s licence cancelled, dis-endorsed or suspended within the last three years;

    7. Have not held a driver’s licence for any class of vehicle for less than two years.

    No Limits 4x4 Hire, 3 Spinnaker Dr, Sandstone Point QLD 4511

    0413 465 938

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