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Get ready for Flinders Jet Ski Tours courtesy of Bribie’s Moreton Bay Jet Ski Hire. The 90 minute tours depart from Spinnaker Sound Marina at Sandstone Point taking you on a guided on-water adventure tracing the path taken by Mathew Flinders... Read More



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Get ready for Flinders Jet Ski Tours courtesy of Bribie’s Moreton Bay Jet Ski Hire.

The 90 minute tours depart from Spinnaker Sound Marina at Sandstone Point taking you on a guided on-water adventure tracing the path taken by Mathew Flinders back in 1799 through beautiful Pumicestone Passage. The tour is fun filled and fast, and, as you travel under the supervision of a fully-qualified guide, you do not need to hold a powered watercraft license to enjoy the outing.

Flinders Jet Ski Tours

Once you leave the marina you’ll head up Pumicestone Passage to the waterfront suburb of White Patch on Bribie Island continuing north along the eastern side of Little Goat Island. You will circumnavigate the island using Dunlop's Gutter, passing the waterfront mainland township of Donnybrook, before returning home past Elimbah Creek’s mouth and Toorbul.

Things will get a little wild at the end as you pass under the Bribie Island Bridge towards the mouth of Pumicestone Passage for some bay area riding!

Who was Matthew Flinders?

Captain Matthew Flinders was an English navigator and cartographer, who led the first circumnavigation of Australia and identified it as a continent. In July 1799, Flinders spent 15 days in the Moreton Bay, specifically exploring its waterways, beaches and the wildlife of Pumicestone Passage.

During his explorations he had several encounters with Aboriginal people living on the mainland and on Bribie Island. He recorded these in his journal which provides insight into the earliest known accounts of South-East Queensland Aboriginals.

About Pumicestone Passage

Pumicestone Passage forms part of Moreton Bay Marine Park, home to the oldest registered fish habitat in Queensland. The 35 kilometre channel is a narrow, shallow estuary, encompassing a meandering system of waterways, islands and sand banks between South-East Queensland's mainland and Bribie Island.

Recognised as one of the most important bird and marine habitats on the Australia’s eastern coast, Pumicestone Passage is teeming with 1,500 resident shorebirds of 11 species, and nearly 20,000 migratory shorebirds of 24 species.

Get amongst nature to see the fascinating birdlife (and marine life) which inhabits this beautiful part of the world.

Included in Flinders Jet Ski Tours:

  • 90-minute supervised and guided jet ski excursion with a qualified guide (no PWC license required)
  • Exploration of Pumicestone Passage
  • Floatation devices
  • Price is per Jetski Hire. 

About this business

Hit the water on a thrill-seeking guided jet ski tour through Bribie Island's waterways and out onto Moreton Bay. 

Bribie’s Moreton Bay Jetski Hire & Ride invite you to experience the natural wonders of the Pumicestone Passage, departing from Spinnaker Sound Marina and com...Read More

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Weight Cap 2 person capacity at 210kg maximum weight per jetski.

Price is 1 hour per 1 jetski.




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