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Northbrook Gorges | Dundas

    Are you looking for bushwalking Brisbane North adventures in the Moreton Bay Region which will take you off the beaten track and away from the weekend hiking crowds? If so, head to Northbrook Gorges located in the back country of Brisbane Forest Park in the Southern Section of D’Aguilar National Park for a day filled with fantastic hiking and rock pool swimming amidst beautiful scenery.

    Bring your Bathers for the Rock Swimming Pools

    This little-known and well-hidden hike is a must for anyone who loves bush-bashing and river bed walking interspersed with gorgeous gorges requiring swimming, as well as ankle-deep and waist high wading.

    There are several rock pools along the journey with the longest measuring about 15 to 20 metres. The highlight of this hike is the large, almost crystal clear, rock swimming pool, complete with a short waterfall, found in the second gorge. This large waterhole is shaded by the forest’s towering trees and the gorge’s tall walls so you should expect a refreshingly cool swim here.

    Native Wildlife

    Bell bird songs and other tranquil forest sounds can be heard throughout the gorges. If you keep your eyes peeled you may very well see lizards and monitors climbing trees and snakes sunning on warm rocks, amongst other native wildlife going about their business.

    Fancy a Feed while Bushwalking Brisbane North?

    There are no designated picnic areas with tables and chairs along the walk, but there are many spots comfortable for enjoying a snack, or even a picnic.

    One of the most popular and picturesque areas for a nibble is found beneath the overhanging rock ledge beside the smaller of Northbrook’s rock swimming pools located closest to ‘The Quick Way’ entrance (detailed further below). The spacious and comfy spot is a welcome reprieve from the hot rays of the sun during summertime.

    Please Note: There are no bins along your journey so please make sure to take your rubbish with you when you leave.

    Difficulty Level:

    Bushwalking Brisbane North’s Northbrook Gorges is Best Suited to Fit & Experienced Hikers

    The majority of the Northbrook Gorges hike will take you over rocks, boulders, and rough & slippery terrain, making it best suited to fit and experienced hikers (especially if entering the area from the Wivenhoe Lookout).

    You will need to rock hop, swim and make calculated steps on small stones so patience is required to experience the hike in its entirety.

    Some waterholes are knee high, while others definitely require swimming. Much of the hike involves getting your feet wet walking in the water, up the creek.

    Recommendations for Inexperienced Hikers & Families with Younger Children

    If you’re keen to give this bushwalking Brisbane North adventure a go with younger children, or if you lack a good level of fitness, or are not so well-versed when it comes to bushwalking, we advise you enter the gorges ‘The Quick Way’ (detailed below) to avoid the steep descent and lengthy walk from Wivenhoe Lookout.

    If you are up for a challenge and think you can handle going ‘The Long Way’, or ‘The Not Quite so Long Way’, you’re welcome to try, but be aware if you are taking younger kids it is likely you will need to turn back before reaching the last gorge as little ones will tire out. Primary aged kids on the other hand may have just enough energy and enthusiasm to walk the trail and swim through the rock swimming pools all by themselves.

    Safety First!

    Please be aware, as this hike is not signposted and less well-tramped compared to other more well-known local hikes, you have a higher likelihood of encountering snakes along the way so stick to the trails, keep children close and keep your eyes peeled as you walk.

    Northbrook Gorges trails are not maintained by the Department of National Parks. Caution needs to be exercised when entering the area.

    How to Get to the Gorges

    The Quick Way

    Enter the creek from the most easterly bridge across the Northbrook Creek on the Northbrook Parkway past Wivenhoe Outlook.

    Please Take Care: The road is windy, there is no parking with lots of hairpin turns, please be extra cautious of oncoming traffic. Approaching vehicles have restricted visibility coming around the very tight bend. Also note this location does not have mobile phone reception.

    Coordinates: 27°18'28.2"S 152°42'48.4"E

    After about 330 metres of downhill walking you will come to Northbrook Creek. Turn left at the bottom (take note of the rock pile here as it marks the start of the trail back up to the carpark) and follow the track to the gorges. You will need to do some rock hopping along the way. If you plan to check out all the gorges and the enjoy the walk in its entirety you will need to swim through a few rock swimming pools and scamper uphill towards Wivenhoe Lookout before backtracking to your car.

    Allow: 30 minutes to get to the first gorge section. Up to 2 hours for leisurely swimming and wading in the various gorges before heading back to the car without continuing towards to Wivenhoe Lookout.

    The Long Way

    Experienced hikers only for this one, this is an unmarked and un-maintained route, with NO MOBILE RECEPTION.

    If you’d like to make a swim through the gorges part of a long, enjoyable hiking day out then park your vehicle at the Wivenhoe Outlook, past Maiala National Park. The trail is hard to see, you will find it behind the lookout’s toilets to the right. It descends down a steep gully. The steep section of the descent lasts about 40 minutes.

    We recommend inexperienced hikers opt for ‘The Quick Way’ into the gorges as you need a good level of fitness to backtrack and push yourself back up the mountain taking ‘The Long Way’.

    Allow: About 4-5 hours or longer if you’re keen to lap up the serenity taking your time and enjoying numerous pit-stops and a few refreshing swims.

    What to Bring

    • Hat
    • Sunscreen
    • Water bottle
    • Waterproof bag to safely carry a towel, your phone, spare clothes, car keys, snacks and whatever else you’d like to bring through the rock swimming pools
    • Pressure bandages and water sandals are recommended

    For more information on D'Aguilar National Park visit the Queensland National Parks website.

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    Northbrook Gorges, Dundas QLD, Australia

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