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The self-guided Redcliffe Foreshore Public Art Trail guides you through a public art collection which reflects the coastal character of the Redcliffe foreshore, as well as the people and histories of the Moreton Bay Region. Integrated into the streetscape and landscaping, these artworks collectively express a local dialogue between nature, culture and people.

Along the art trail are a number of unique art pieces which combine to tell the story of Redcliffe's history.


Artist: Phil Price

Medium: Steel and carbon fibre

Date: 2011

The concept around OPTO revolves around looking and changing. Looking promotes a sense of place - we can look out over the bay, from the land to the sea, and we can look back to the land, from the sea. Looking can also be interpreted as a metaphor - we can look into the future or back into the past. The form of the sculpture represents a portal - we look through it to a framed landscape, observing the natural and man-made world via the circular scope.

Designed to act as a metaphorical portal, the kinetic rings move in direct relationship to the environment, rotating and spinning in response to the breeze from Moreton Bay. Passing over one another, they appear to open and close, changing the framed landscape within the circular form.

OPTO serves as a celebration of this beautiful place: past, present and future.

About the Artist

Phil Price is best known for his kinetic sculptures with many located across New Zealand and Australia. Regarded as the foremost kinetic sculptor of his generation, Phil's work is widely acknowledged for its breathtaking beauty and extraordinary design.

The main materials used in most of the sculptures are carbon fiber and glass fiber bonded with high temperature epoxy, stainless steel and precision bearings to allow the sculpture to move with the wind.

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