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Discover the Redcliffe Foreshore Public Art Trail along the Redcliffe Peninsula shoreline. 

The public art trail collection reflects the unique character of the Redcliffe foreshore, as well as the people and histories of the Moreton Bay Region. Integrated into the streetscape and landscape, these artworks collectively express a local dialogue between nature, culture and people.


Artist: Hew Chee Fong and Loretta Noonan

Medium: Granite

Date: 2011

The art piece by Hew Chee Fong and Loretta Noonan is comprised of 2 granite vessels in the form of a traditional dingy or small scale recreational boat. Rising from raised mounds of earth, only parts of these vessels are visible, suggesting the passing of time and hinting at the sculptures' historical significance. 

Redcliffe has always been an attractive place for those seeking a carefree lifestyle in beautiful, natural surroundings. The various allures associated with a bayside lifestyle form the theme of this narrative based sculpture installation. 

In the first instance the 'Vessels' directly represent the first settlement of Redcliffe, while indirectly exploring the passing of time, and themes of 'journey' and 'discovery'. Smaller, traditional forms of boats have played an integral role in the settlement and subsequent livelihood of the area. Associated in the past with the fishing industry and today with the role of tourism, affluence and leisure, the forms also intentionally echo and allude to the bay’s diverse marine life such as whales, dolphins, dugongs and turtles.

Hew Chee Fong works predominantly with found natural materials like granite and petrified timber. His sculptural practice is one which embodies a deep connection with material, process and place.

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