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Yoga & nature are designed to work in harmony so what better way to bring them together than to practice in the beauty of the Luvaberry farm.

Our property is called Immaburra Gardens, situated at Wamuran in the Moreton Bay region of South-East Queensland. We believe that the word “Immaburra” means “peaceful place” in the Waka Waka Aboriginal language.

The sessions will take place on grass either by one of our scenic dams or in the tranquil finger lime orchard.

Each workshop will follow a yoga sequence designed to flow with the energy of the land. Followed by a healthy breakfast with signature Luvaberry freeze-dry strawberries.

The class will be led by Courtney from Divine Spirit Yoga, who been practicing yoga for three years.

About Event Hosts

LuvaBerry is a small family farm owned by farmers Adrian and Mandy Schultz – a small fish amongst big fish – LuvaBerry has been producing juicy red Queensland strawberries for over thirteen years. Growing strawberries that taste like they used to – sweet, delicious and packed with flavour.

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Luvaberry Farm
Luvaberry Farm Ziviani Rd, Wamuran QLD, Australia

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