Slow Style Saturday

"The burying and burning secrets are out. A culture shift is happening as individuals and groups respond in various ways to reducing fashion waste and creating a more sustainable clothing culture. We all have capacity to change and influence behaviours when we believe in something and are comfortable to defy convention and conditioning." Jane Milburn, author of Slow Clothing

To celebrate the closing weekend of Adorn at Caboolture Regional Art Gallery, enjoy a day of hands-on workshops, pop-ups, talks and tours.

Slow Style activities include

Fabulous Flaws: learn techniques including visible stitching, accentuating a stain, patching a rip and adding embellishments to make a flawed garment fabulous.

Conscious Stylings: panel discussion touching on issues of sustainability, personal history, ethics and vision. Why do we wear what we wear?

Trash to Treasure: make personalised accessories using natural, recycled and sustainable materials.

Cost: FREE

ID: 8239605

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3.00pm - 5.00pm
2 February 2019


Caboolture Regional Art Gallery -
4 Hasking Street,
Caboolture 0

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