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5 hiking tracks around Samford Valley

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Samford Valley has many beautiful, multi-use hiking tracks near Brisbane to explore. Pick up a trail network map to create your own adventure or try one of the suggestions from the Samford Visitor Information Centre Volunteers.

#1. House Mountain Track

Distance: approx.. 5.5-6km return

Time : 1-1.5 hours

Difficulty: Very steep in places, good level of fitness needed.

Just North of Samford village is House Mountain range. There are a number of places to access the trail. The end of Woodview street is a good option as from here you can also easily access the Rail Tunnel track.

This is a wide fire break trail but is very steep in places and the surface is loose and rocky so care and experience is needed on this trail.

#2. South Pine River Track

Distance : Variable

Time: as long as you like

Difficulty: Easy

This is gentle track which follows the South Pine river as it winds beneath the trees. There is an access points at each end of the track which runs for about 7km along the River so you can choose to walk as far along as you wish then retrace to your starting point.

NOTE: There is a wet foot crossing of the river near the village end so if you prefer to keep your feet dry start from the Undambi Park end.

Village end : You can start this walk from the village which will add approx. 2km each way to your trip. Head out of john Scott park pasted the museum and follow the footpath into Royal Estates. Follow the track around but as it dips down to the creek stay on the grass and following Carrington Court to the bend. Continue along the grass following the metal property fence. Just before the gate in the fence head down to the bush line where the creek site track starts.

#3. Rail Tunnel Track

Distance: approx. 1.6km

Time: 20-30 mins

Difficulty: Moderate

This track can be accessed from the end of Currawong Road. This is a pleasant grass track with a gently incline through the railway cutting lined with trees up to the old railway tunnel. The tunnel is now closed off and is a protected sanctuary for a colony of bats.

#4. Parklands Circuit Track

Distance: approx. 5km

Time: 45-60 mins

Difficulty: Easy

This track can be accessed from anywhere in Samford village. The slightly easier way if not wanting to walk from the village, drive to the bend at Carrington Court and start the trail here.

Undambi Park end: Park at Undambi Rotary Park on Mt O’Reilly Road. Walk through the park towards the road bridge and cross over to the start of the trail on the other side.

#5. Pony Club/Dip Road Track

Distance: approx.. 5km return

Time: 1 hour

Difficulty: Easy

This track starts at the pony club on Richards Road. Walk down the lane passed the pony club and into the open paddock. Head to the far side of the paddock to pick up the trail. There is a sign marking the entrance. When you get to the Dip road end of the track you can follow the road back to the pony club or retrace.

NOTE: after heavy rain there will be a couple of wet foot creek crossings but most of the year this is a dry creek bed.

Looking for more information on these Samford Tracks?

Pop into the Samford Visitor Information Centre, the volunteers have a wealth on knowledge about things to do and see in Samford, as well as other great hiking spots around the Moreton Bay Region.

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Samford Visitor Information Centre

If you’re looking for things to do in Samford and surrounding areas then visit Samford Visitor Information Centre.

The Centre is housed within a quaint, purpose built cottage. The cottage was initially located in Strathpine and affectionately known as Daisy Cottage. In 2016 it was moved to John Scott Park to begin its new life as the Samford Visitor Information Centre, run by just over 20 volunteers.

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