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Best Seafood Restaurants near Brisbane - Moreton Bay Food Trail

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Straight out of the bay and fresh off the trawler, our Moreton Bay Region restaurants are making the most of our local delicacies. Taste-test your first Moreton Bay Bug or enjoy a fresh crab, grill your own fish or shuck your own oysters, all throughout our month-long Tastes of Moreton Bay foodie celebration.

Join Jillian Whiting from The Great Day Out as she explores the region's fresh seafood.

The Golden Ox

With some of the best and freshest seafood caught in the waters right on our doorstep, the Moreton Bay Region is spoilt for choice - something Peter Tzimas, head chef at The Golden Ox, takes great advantage of. With a menu featuring a range of local produce, it's only fitting to include products from the bay such as the world-recognised delicacy, the Moreton Bay Bug, and delightfully delicious sand crabs. Creating a whole new menu for the Tastes of Moreton Bay month-long foodie celebration, you can be sure to catch these immensely popular treats in a main course or on a seafood platter!

Tempest Seafood Restaurant

A sizzling good time awaits at Tempest Seafood Restaurant and Teppanyaki Grill with fish freshly hand-picked each morning by the head chef and live lobsters, mud crabs and other crustaceans pulled from the restaurant tanks. The Tempest experience is designed for all the senses and can be enjoyed in many ways, from the tapas to the à la carte menu. Head chef Kim has been creating delectable, seasonal trawler to plate menus for over 18 years, designed to suit the customers and climate of the Redcliffe Peninsula.

Have a shucking good time at the Oyster Festival at Sandstone Point Hotel

The Oyster Shed

Although an acquired taste, Sandstone Point Hotel has found success in the niche market of oysters! With their own Oyster Shed onsite and a festival dedicated to the small sea mollusc, you can be sure they're fresh, tasty and ready to be shucked! Enjoy paired wines and other fresh seafood right on the jetty over Pumicestone Passage. Talk about a true bayside experience.

Discover more local producers on the Regional Development Australia - Moreton Bay Food Trail.

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