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Yacht Boats Visit Moreton Bay Region

Pt 1: Your Guide to Boat Launching & Fishing Moreton Bay Region

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Growing bored of your usual fishing haunts? Tired of reeling in the same catch time after time?

Why not throw your line out further into Moreton Bay Region by exploring these first 4 of 6 lake and river fishing hotspots. Moreton Bay Region harbours a diversity of fishing opportunities for adventurous fishing enthusiasts keen to cast their net wider.

Please note, before you go fishing in a Queensland impoundment (dam or weir) you may need to purchase a Stocked Impoundment Permit.

North Pine Dam Moreton Bay Region Sunset

Fresh Water Lakes Moreton Bay Fishing

#1. Lake Samsonvale (North Pine Dam)

A permit is required to fish at Lake Samsonvale. These are obtainable from the Pine Rivers Fish Management Association, or Samsonvale Water Sports Association.

Once equipped with a fishing permit you can fish from these locations:

  • McGavin View – Vores Road, Whiteside
  • Bullocky Rest – Forgan Road, Joyner
  • Forgan Park – Forgan Road, Joyner
  • Forgan Cove – Forgan Road, Joyner
  • Kobble Creek – Mt Samson Road, Kobble Creek

The catch available at Lake Samsonvale: Golden Perch, Silver Perch, Lungfish, Eels, Bass, Mary River Cod, Saratoga, Snub-nosed Gar, Tilapia and Catfish.

Please note: the Tilapia and Red Claw Crays may be encountered within Lake Samsonvale. They are a noxious pest fish and if caught should not be re-released into the lake.

#2. Lake Kurwongbah

Lake Kurwongbah lies just north-east of Lake Samsonvale.

While you are not allowed to fish from a powerboat on Lake Kurwongbah, you can drop your kayak, canoe, or SUP into the water for a spot of non-power boating fishing (between Sunday and Wednesday only). Alternatively, shore fishing is also permitted.

The fish types you may encounter at Lake Kurwongbah include Bass, Silver Perch, Golden Perch, Mary River Cod, Bony Bream, Snub-nosed Gar, Saratoga, Spangled Perch, Eel-tailed Catfish and Eels.

Please note: the Tilapia and Red Claw Crays are a noxious pest fish which might be encountered within Lake Kurwongbah. If caught these pests should not be re-released into the lake.

Caboolture Riverlakes Motel Caboolture River Moreton Bay Region

River Moreton Bay Fishing Hotspots

#3. Caboolture River

The Caboolture River is a long and winding river which feeds into smaller creeks. You can cruise up it from the waters of Deception Bay until it terminates approximately 2 kilometres north-west of Captain Whish Bridge.

There are 3 boat ramps located either side of river:

  • Beachmere Boat Hire and Snacks at 31 Whiting Street
  • Saint Smith Road, Beachmere
  • Caboolture River Caravan Park on Burnett Rd, Caboolture

The southern boat ramp can be accessed from the end of Uhlmann Rd, Burpengary.

If you’re keen to take in a bit of Moreton Bay Marine Park while you’re out on the water then launch from Scarborough Marina at 28 Thurecht Parade, Scarborough.

Catch a variety of freshwater and saltwater fish including: Mangrove Jack, Bass, Tarpon, Bream, Flathead, Silver Perch and Mullet upstream, while closer to the river’s mouth you’ll encounter Mud Crabs and Winter Whiting.

#4 Region’s North Pine River

The Pine River is another great spot to cast your line.

You can leave the boat at home and do some shore-side fishing from the bank at:

Dohles Rock Boat Ramp Fishing Visit Moreton Bay Region

Moreton Bay Fishing Launch Points – Boat Ramps along and nearby Pine River

You can launch your boat in the north, or south sections of Pine River, or from Hays Inlet near the river mouth. Boat ramps are located at:

  • Dohles Rocks by the shore, accessible from Dohles Rocks Rd
  • Bob Bell Park, accessible from Learmonth Street – a small ramp for smaller boats
  • Deep Water Bend Reserve (part of Tinchi Tamba Wetlands Reserve), accessible from Wyampa Rd, Bald Hills
  • The end of Haysmouth Parade, Clontarf
  • Pelican Park, Clontarf, accessed via the intersection of Hornibook Esplanade and Thomas St, Clontarf

Catch a variety of fish including: Whiting, Estuary Cod, Jewfish, Flounder, Grunter, Mangrove Jack, Catfish and Mud Crabs.

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We’ve covered great lake and river fishing hot spots. Now it’s time to check out Pt 2 of the fishing and boat ramp guide to find out where to launch into Moreton Bay Marine Park and where to fish from Redcliffe to Bribie Island.

Other Moreton Bay Region Water Escapes

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Looking for more things to do and see? Pop into one of the region's Accredited Visitor Information Centres, the volunteers have a wealth of local knowledge.

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