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5 Scenic Running Trails in Moreton Bay Region

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We ran through (pun intended) what we thought were some of the BEST running Brisbane north of the city routes within Moreton Bay Region to keep your motivation high when the last thing you feel like doing in dressing in activewear and popping your joggers on. Although the choice was difficult, our final selection included runs of varying distances spanning the scenic ‘prettiness’ scale, because (let’s be honest) most runs in this region rank highly when it comes to impressive sights.

Here’s the list for our regions best running spots:

@mashaveivers Mungarra Reserve scenic running trails near Brisbane Moreton Bay Region must credit mushaveivers

#1. Running Brisbane North in Mungarra Reserve – 4km Loop

You have the freedom to shape any route you feel up for in Mungarra Reserve. It contains a few intersecting paths so you can lengthen, or shorten your run to suit your running training needs. In route 1 we have carved out a nice 4.5km easy and fairly level route.

Suitable for: All fitness levels, but ideal for newbie runners

How to get there: Follow Affleck Avenue, just off Dayboro Rd in Petrie.

@peralts_pp Somerset Trail Moreton Bay Region Scenic Running Trail near Brisbane must credit peralts pp

#2. Trail Running Brisbane North along Moreton Bay Region’s Somerset Trail Circuit

For more serious runners, the 13 kilometre Class 4 Somerset Trail circuit out near Mount Mee in D’Aguilar National Park is quite possibly the prettiest route on the list. It’s ideal for a longer trail running Brisbane north of the city experience across diverse terrain. You’ll pass through scribbly gum forests, dry open forest and rainforest, encountering a pit stop where you can enjoy a fantastic view across Somerset Dam and Lake Wivenhoe. This trail running Brisbane surrounds route is fairly level with various hilly bits thrown in and slight to medium inclines to tackle throughout. Keep an eye on the ground to keep your footing as you will encounter rocky areas and uneven terrain. You can knock off this run in just over an hour to 2 hours depending on your fitness level and speed.

Suitable for: More serious runners

How to get there: Drive up Mount Sampson Rd, or Dayboro Rd from Brisbane. Either route will take you past quaint shops and cafes. Turn off at Sellin Rd to park nearby the The Gantry.

@jimgold_ Bunyaville State Forest scenic running trails near Brisbane Moreton Bay Region must credit jimgold

#3. Trail Running Brisbane North within Bunyaville State Forest

Bunyaville National Park is one of Brisbane’s best kept secrets. This sprawling and peaceful state forest is a perfect place for trail running Brisbane north of the CBD away from all the hubbub if you don’t mind sharing some of the paths with mountain bike riders. You can park in the main bitumen carparks to run the shorter trails such as the 1.6km Bunyaville Track, or continue further onto dirt road and pull-up by the Bunyaville Environmental Centre. Make up your own route as most of the hilly dirt tracks you’ll encounter intersect, offering a number of running training possibilities full of varying gradients. Make sure you take note of your route as it can be easy to get lost if you’re not paying attention. There are no signposts within the park to help you retrace your steps back to the car, just information boards for cyclists.

Suitable for: All fitness levels and people with a good sense of direction

How to get there: Get onto Old Northern Rd and turn into the park coming from either direction (north, or south), you can’t miss it.

@visitmoretonbayregion Bribie Island Moreton Bay Region Running

#4. Running Brisbane North Bribie Island – 5km one-way

You can start this route at either Sunset Park, or Melsa Park and run from one to the other along Sylvan Beach Esplanade for a gorgeous 5km (one-way) trail. With the Pumicestone Passage’s clear blue waters surrounding Bribie Island it’s an incredible run with no inclines.

Suitable for: This is the perfect course for someone just starting out.

How to get there: From the Bruce Highway take Bribie Island Road towards Bribie Island. Once over the Bribie Bridge turn left towards sunset Park, or right towards Melsa Park.

@jetty2jetty Jetty 2 Jetty Scenic running trails north brisbane Moreton Bay Region run

#5. Do Running Training along Redcliffe Peninsula – 5km (to Redcliffe Jetty)

This route was also on last year’s list, but as it’s the location of ‘Queensland’s Most Scenic Fun Run’ we couldn’t leave it out. This stunning trail winds along the coastline. You can lengthen, or shorten your running training to suit your energy levels on the day without missing out on the view. From Woody Point to the Redcliffe Jetty is about 5km along pathway. It’s suitable for everyone and offers a few little hills to tackle along the way, plus plenty of flat areas for those just starting out.

Suitable for: All fitness levels, but ideal for newbies

Where to start: Start this run from either Crockatt Park in Woody Point, or head in the opposite direction from the Redcliffe Jetty on Redcliffe Parade.

@dipbelieve Lake Samsonvale scenic running trails near Brisbane Moreton Bay Region must credit dipbelieve

Mix up your Running Brisbane North of the City Routes?

Though it’s super satisfying when you find that one perfect running route, don’t get stuck in a routine. Running, or jogging should not become monotonous, or you risk falling out of love with this form of exercise. Don’t be afraid to venture further afield in the search of as yet un-tackled, fresh routes. It’s just as exhilarating, if not more so, to branch out and discover new places. Expanding your running comfort zone helps keep you (literally) on your toes. Just as setting new goals can be a great way to maintain motivation, discovering new places to run in Moreton Bay Region to vary up your exercise can really spice things up and allow you to test your progress, as well as prompt you to set new running training challenges to suit the new location.

Looking for more Moreton Bay Region trail running locations?

Pop into one of the regions Visitor Information Centres, the volunteers have a wealth of knowledge about things to do and see in the Moreton Bay Region, as well as other great running spots!

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