Why Woodford Folk Festival should be on everyone's bucket list

You may have heard this a million times, but Woodford Folk Festival is truly for EVERYBODY. If you were ever thinking of heading to Woodford Folk Festival we strongly recommend you make it this year.

Woodford isn’t just about the music

With Woodford Folk Festival you can enjoy guest speakers among other Q&A sessions. You can sign up to Cabaret, Circus, and Dance Workshops. Sit down and enjoy comedy, acrobats, dance troupes, slam poetry competitions, wander the food markets and stalls, experience Tibetan Monks, watch a theatre, play “The Game”, wake up to a yoga class, or just chill on a hill.

We strongly recommend you take a look at the full program below as we simply cannot fit even a twentieth of the program into this brief description.

For a full program and more about the festival click here: Woodford Folk Festival Information and Program

Woodford Children’s Festival

We meant it when we said Woodford is for everyone. They even have a separate children’s festival to satisfy the young adventurer and keep them constantly amazed. Young people can enjoy workshops, face painting, kid’s entertainment, arts and craft, and so much more in the Woodford Children’s Festival.

“OH…to experience Woodford for the first time again”

If you haven’t been to Woodford Folk Festival put it on the bucket list. There is a reason thousands of people return to the site year after year, and it only takes one visit for you to understand what that reason is. For people heading there for a day or two it’s a great day out. For those camping for six days – It’s a mesmerising experience. You are in another country. You are journeying through another land. A land called Woodfordia.

Season Camping can be tricky

Regulars (or locals) to this unique festival know its inner workings. For years they’ve learned from previous mistakes, listed missing items in their inventory, and fine-tuned their camping set up. If you are planning on Woodford season camping experience for the first time there are a few things to take into consideration. New timers can easily venture forth unprepared. But with our quick and easy guide we will make sure you won’t be left wanting on your first long-term stay in Woodfordia.

The Key Essentials

Woodford is ready for you. The organisers know what they’re doing. The General Store onsite has everything from food basics to wet weather gear to ice for the esky. BUT, listed below are some nuggets of advice from experienced festival attendees wishing to share their wisdom.

Make friends with Mother Nature

The weather in Woodford can be very pleasant. But it can also vary from sweltering heat to pouring rain, and everything in between. It’s important to be ready for whatever Mother Nature brings to the party.

For the heat remember the following:

  • Wide-Brimmed Hat (this can also double as a fan)
  • Sunscreen
  • Head Sweatband (if you’re prone to sweating)
  • Spare clothing…lots of spare clothing (six days = 12 shirts minimum. If you like to dance, you will probably need to bring extra)

For some rain it’s best to bring:

  • Gum Boots (wellingtons if you’re English)
  • Spare shoes (in case you get caught out it’s good to have some fresh wheels)
  • Poncho and umbrella
  • Towels, towels, and towels
  • Socks – lots and lots of socks (dry feet are a campers dream)

A Place to Call Home

After a long day or night visiting numerous stages, wandering through markets, and dancing with street performers it’s nice to return to a comfortable camp site that you’re proud to call home. Take the time to set up a camp site that will last the distance. Plan how you’re going to utilise the space before you leave home. If you wing it on the day you will most likely be missing some key elements. You may want to relax for a couple of hours during the day and it helps if you camp site is a welcoming one.

  • Shade structure (whether it be a tarp, gazebo, or...palm leaves, erect something to deflect those UV rays in the middle of the day)
  • Table (it may be a given for some, but it can be overlooked by first-timers and having a table to prepare food and stash items is better than the ground…much better)
  • Flooring – Something under the feet is always good. It could be a tarp or mats, but it keeps you out of the dirt.
  • Esky – the holy grail for campers. Keep things cool and preserved longer in the esky. Ice is available from the General Store on site.
  • Chairs – kick back and relax in a comfy chair
  • Gas Burner – Woodfordia has every kind of food imaginable in the village. But it’s nice to save some money and prepare your own food at least once a day.

Some other little crumbs

There is a phone charging stand that you can leave to charge your gadgets while you wander the Woodfordian Streets.

Explore Woodford while you are here!

Bellthorpe National Park | Woodford

Stony Creek Swimming Hole | Woodford

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