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Christa's Art and Gilding

    Settled amongst the tall eucalyptus trees on the ridge of Clear Mountain, Christa’s Art and Gilding studio and private gallery is a space where you can admire the pieces while meeting the artist behind the brush.

    The gallery is owned by artist Christa Coetzee and is open to visitors on the last Sunday of the month, as well as by appointment.

    Christa’s design and style makes her artwork extremely desirable to display not only in the home, but also in corporate workspaces.

    In addition to welcoming art lovers, Christa’s studio also comes complete with a self-contained Airbnb, providing a space where other artists can feel inspired and unleash their own creative juices.

    Unique art styles

    Christa’s passion for capturing life is evident in her artworks, with many of her pieces featuring beautiful landscapes, nature, animals, portraits and more.

    Christa loves working with Eco-Art-Pens, which are handcrafted from organic and reclaimed materials found in Clear Mountain.

    With the Eco-Art-Pens, Christa creates an array of unique and distinct artworks and writing styles by using the pen’s different edges to personalise her lines.

    The gilding technique

    Another artform which Christa focuses on is gilding – an art technique that is used to decorate wood, metal, fresco, glass, ceramics and other objects with gold leaf. This is an extremely thin sheet of gold allow, about 0.1 micrometre thick.

    Gold leaf has long been a popular style of art, dating back to the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks and Romans.

    This is a technique Christa has enjoyed doing for the past 10 years.

    After spending six years living in the North Territory, Christa was in awe of the calm landscapes and the relaxed way of living.

    The phrase “Silence is Golden” really struck a chord with her, making her realise the Northern Territory is a precious jewel in itself. It was this realization that inspired Christa to depict the Northern Territory’s landscape in clay-based relief work, finished with gold and silver leaf, known as gilding.

    Christa also gets much joy in teaching this technique to those who are looking to learn a new skill in Moreton Bay.

    Samford Arts Trail

    Christa’s Art and Gilding studio and private gallery is part of the Samford Arts Trail – a month long celebration of art which is held every weekend in June.

    The month-long event in North Brisbane gives day-trippers, weekenders and locals the unique opportunity to visit artists in their studios and shared spaces, where they can meet the makers, learn their techniques, and purchase goodies to take home with them.

    Christa's Art & Gilding, Clear Mountain Road, Clear Mountain QLD, Australia

    0438 013 907

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    Opening Hours

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    W 10:00am - 2:00pm
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    Public holidays may vary

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