Bribie's Moreton Bay Jetski Hire and Ride

Bribie's Moreton Bay Jetski Hire and Ride

Spinnaker Sound Marina, 9-11 Spinnaker Drive, Sandstone Point QLD, Australia

Hit the water on a thrill-seeking guided jet ski tour through Bribie Island's waterways and out onto Moreton Bay.

Bribie’s Moreton Bay Jetski Hire & Ride invite you to experience the natural wonders of the Pumicestone Passage, departing from Spinnaker Sound Marina and combining the thrill of Bribie Island jet ski riding while exploring marine eco-systems and encountering native birdlife.

Delivering unrivaled value for money eco-adventures and excellent customer service, Moreton Bay Jetski Hire & Ride offer both adventure and family-friendly group jet ski tours of the bay aboard clean, green, fun machines in a safe environment.

No license? No worries! You don’t need any jet ski riding experience, or a license to take part in a guided trip under the supervision of qualified jet ski guides.

What to Expect from Bribie Island Jet Ski Tours

You will experience the freedom of gliding across beautiful unrestricted waterways, through winding mangrove lined channels, and out on the open ocean amidst breathtaking Moreton Bay Marine Park scenery.

All clients enjoy personal and professional attention and are guaranteed a great and safe on-water adventure conducted in compliance with strict safety and environmental laws and regulations. All safety equipment and instructions are provided to ensure you feel confident out on the water.

Bribie Island Jet Ski Tours:

Up the Creek - 1 hour

Family friendly eco-adventure for mums and dads with younger kids. This gentle jet ski ride explores the waters of Ningi Creek up to Moffatt Esplanade through oyster farms and mangroves.

The Jolly Roger - 1 hour | $220 per ski

A swashbuckling 60 minute rollick in Pumicestone Passage, where we adjust the adrenalin rush and the route to suit the crew. The perfect all-weather alternative for everyone from an eight-year-old cabin boy to an experienced adventurer. Plenty of action, and plenty to see!

The Brisbane Buccaneer - 90-minutes | $310 per ski

This 90-minute roller coaster has everything! Feel the thrill of riding the waves in the open ocean, the exhilaration of weaving between islands, the adrenalin of the Figure Eights and hot laps…. And there’s a good chance you will discover the treasures of Pumicestone Passage - dolphins, turtles and dugongs. The place is teeming with wildlife and great scenery! We used to call this trip Flinders on a jetski, because it follows Mathew Flinders’ path… but let’s face it, Buccaneers have more fun!

Pumicestone Chase – 3.5 hours | $420 per ski

It's a four hour extravaganza - discovering the magic of Pumicestone Passage under the shadows of the Glasshouse Mountains. We combine the thrill of a jet ski ride with an adventurous eco experience winding through narrow waterways under the volcanic Glasshouse Mountains. They last erupted 25 million years ago - the only explosion you will get on this trip will be the burst of adrenaline during our Lighthouse Reach Hot Lap. We'll supply drinking water for this four hour trip and there'll be a 45 minute break in Caloundra - enough time for you to buy a coffee and a snack (or meal ) at the Bunker Coffee and Bar.

Moreton Bay Jetski Hire & Ride Requirements

Who can Ride: Newbies through to seasoned riders. 16 is the minimum age to ride solo (with guardian’s permission). Ages 12 and up are permitted to ride under the supervision of an adult wearing a safety lanyard.

Eco-Responsible: Bribie’s Moreton Bay Jetski Hire & Ride adheres to the Parks and Wildlife Permit (which stipulates environmental responsibilities), Sunshine Coast Council Permit, as well as national hire and drive laws administered by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. Jet skis meet the Californian emission standards.

More Things to do in Moreton Bay on Bribie Island

Has your water sporting tour left you wanting more Moreton Bay adventures? If so, then head across the bridge from Spinnaker Sound Marina to Bribie Island to experience the channel from the island side.

There’s plenty to do on Bribie Island – you can splash about at one of the many beaches, hire out more water sporting toys for on-water fun, or go bush instead, exploring Bribie Island National Park. Of course, if you’d rather just treat yourself to a leisurely meal after your Bribie Island jet ski shenanigans, you’ll find numerous restaurants and cafes along Welsby Parade across the road from Pumicestone Passage.

Pumicestone Passage

A tranquil fishing haven, Pumicestone Passage is also a popular area for water sports including water-skiing, kite surfing, jet-skiing and kayaking.

Pumicestone Passage Foreshore

You’ll find plenty of BBQs, picnic tables and playgrounds perfect for kicking-back, or enjoying a romantic sunset located along Pumicestone Passage foreshore.

Bongaree Beach

Feel the soft sand between your toes at Bongaree Beach and surrounding passage beaches. This beach is a popular spot for families with little kids as the waters are often very calm and shallow.

Bongaree Jetty

Bongaree Jetty is a popular spot to cast a line in, or bomb dive into the passage waters. You’ll find it located along the beach.

Bribie Island National Park

Covering a significant portion of the island is the Bribie Island National Park, a beautiful forested area perfect for Moreton Bay adventures on the waters of Pumicestone Passage, inland and on the beach side.

The park is only suitable for 4WD vehicles. If you do intend to drive on the beach, ensure you have purchased the correct permits before starting your journey.

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Acknowledgement of Country - We would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands and waterways of the Moreton Bay Region, the Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi, Jinibara, and Turrbal people and pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging. We recognise the ongoing connection that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have to this land and recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the original custodians of this land.