Edward Allison Park | Eatons Hill

Set in the rural backgroup of Eatons Hills on Eatons Crossing Road heading towards Samford, is Edward Allison Park. This unassuming place, with a small car park area and flat grassing paddock, holds a hidden treasure, you just need to go find it!

To really experience the wonders of Edward Allison Park, you need to walk down the gravel track from the carpark area and south across the grassy paddock. What you will discover is a nature playground, as the freshwaters of Cedar Creek flows over boulders, pebbles and logs.

A nature playground

As the park has no facilities, this includes the basics like toilets and water fountains, the adventure is in what nature has to offer. Here’s some ideas on what your family can enjoy at Edward Allison Park:

Swimming and water games

The naturally formed pools create great swimming holes for kids, but it is a good idea to have them wear aqua shoes when swimming to avoid cutting the bottoms of their feet on sharp rocks and sticks. Some areas are deeper than others, so treat the creek like a swimming pool and don’t leave children unattended. For some extra fun with older kids, play a game of water brandy, using a foam ball to tag participants! They’ll love running through the small rock pools to miss being ‘tagged’.

Rockin with rocks

One thing this park is not short on is rocks and pebbles. It’s a great place to teach kids how to find and skim that ‘perfect’ rock. Whilst toddlers will just have fun throwing rocks in the water to watch them splash. Other rock activities they can do include; – building dams along the bank – creating mini rock homes and communities – boulder hopping from one side of the creek to the other


It’s true, Edward Allison Park has a lot to offer families that love science, from assessing the natural eco-systems of the creek and surrounding area to experimenting with physics. Here’s some ideas to get your kids interested in science at Edwards Allison Park:

  • Drop different objects into the water – a rock, a leaf, a stick. Talk about what floats and what sinks. This opens the discussion on mass and weight of objects and the role gravity has to play in the world.
  • Go insect or guppie hunting. Collecting them in a net and place in a jar or bucket.
  • Talk about what these creatures are providing to the surrounding eco-system. Insects are pollinating native plants and the guppies are a food source for many fish and birds.

Edward Allision park is a wonderful destination for families looking to reconnect with nature and discover its treasures. Share your adventure #visitmoretonbayregion

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