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Located in Clontarf, stage one of the Hays Inlet Eco Path has recently opened to the public. This path was made available in August 2019 for all members of the public to observe and become aware of the natural value of this remaining wetland. Currently, the Eco Path is a 200m concrete path that weaves through the bush to over 200m of eucalyptus and melaleuca trees.

The aim is to extend the path to 650 metres with a boardwalk that overlooks Hays Inlet. Hays Inlet is surrounded by Anzac Avenue to the north, Houghton Highway to the east, Dohles Rocks to the south and the Bruce Highway to the west. This wetland system serves as a great importance to housing wildlife and natural resources of Redcliffe and the Moreton Bay Region.


This eco-path provides the community with the opportunity to explore and observe some of the greatest wildlife that the Moreton Bay Region has to offer. Hays Inlet accommodates for koalas and over 124 species of birds as well as a plethora of other wildlife species. Kangaroos, wallabies and flying foxes are known to have been spotted within and around the area of Hays Inlet. Wildlife plays an important role in maintaining this diversity and ensuring that this environment is sustainable for the future.

Admirable Natural Environment

Surrounded by Hays Inlet, which is renowned for its diversity of flora and fauna, this pathway is bounded by wetland systems and mangrove forests. With native plants, eucalyptus and melaleuca trees, this pathway supports a pure and natural environment for the community to admire. Not only does it serve the community as a recreational walking space, but it is a great place to become educated on what the natural environment does for a sustainable future. The overall goal of this eco-path is to ensure a safeguarding of flora and fauna habitats.

Stages of the Clontarf Eco Project

There are two more stages in this green army project that are left to go until its completion in addition to a Koala Habitat enhancement project. Activities yet to be completed in this project include the Hays Inlet Bushcare Group and the Hays Inlet Festival.


Stage one of this 200m path has been made accessible through Silcock St at Clontarf. By the end of the project it is expected to reach up to 650m. Hays Inlet Eco Path is accessible for those with disabilities to ensure that everyone in this community has the chance to experience this wonderful environment.

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