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Best Digital Detox Locations near Brisbane with Our Open Passport

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How many times a day do you scroll social media and check your email? If your answer is “too many to count,” it might be time for a digital detox. A getaway is only a true getaway when your mobile stays untouched, your email goes unchecked and your eyes escape the LCD glow of your devices.

Sound like this is something you need? We asked Brisbane couple, Cherrod and Matt (aka Instagram gurus Our Open Passport) to share their top five digital detox locations and take us on their adventures. This US/Aussie couple know their stuff when it comes to travel. Take a read, explore their favourite places to visit near Brisbane and share in their experiences as they provide open advice and tips on their wonderful explorations.

Each location encourages you to connect with your nearest and dearest in real life rather than through a text message.

@ouropenpassport Lake Samsonvale Moreton Bay Region credit Our Open Passport

Lake Samsonvale

Lake Samsonvale is a great place to have a family picnic or a relaxing kayak on the water.

Want to kayak and fancy a fish? Park at Forgan Cove. There are areas provided to clean kayaks and dispose of fish produce here along with toilets.

If a relaxing picnic and/or BBQ is what you’re in need of, Bullocky Rest has to offer more parking and better picnic areas with basic amenities.

Our Open Tip: Grab a picnic blanket and park at Forgan Cove if you want to hear more sounds of nature and fewer people.

@ouropenpassport Maiala National Park Moreton Bay Region credit Our Open Passport

Maiala National Park

Looking to get the family outdoors? Check out Maiala National Park.

We recommend visiting after rainfall otherwise you may see a dried-up waterfall during the dry season. There is plenty of lush rainforests to experience so if it’s a warm day you can enjoy the cool shade provided by the treetops.

Our Open Tip: This trail is full of families during the school holidays -- a perfect place to bring the kids along!

@ouropenpassport Northbrook Gorge Hike Moreton Bay Region credit Our Open Passport

Northbrook Gorge

Wow, just wow! Super isolated, the hike to Northbrook Gorge is our favourite in the Moreton Bay Region.

Scrambling, rock climbing, wading the creek water at the ankle, knee, and waist-high depth – even swimming! This hike has it all!

We recommend this to somewhat experienced hikers who wish to be completely immersed in nature.

There is no phone reception here -- perfect for your digital detox!

Be sure to let a loved one know where you are going before you leave for the hike.

We went during the week and were the only two there! A great feeling of serenity while being immersed in nature.

Our Open Tip: You WILL get wet. Water socks or old shoes are a must bring, along with a dry bag.

@ouropenpassport Scotts Point Moreton Bay Region credit Our Open Passport

Scott’s Point Beach, Redcliffe Peninsula

Feeling like a mid-week getaway? We feel you! Grab some fish and chips from a nearby store and enjoy the small secluded beach of Scott’s Point. Scott’s Point has areas to eat up on the hill overlooking the Moreton Bay. Stroll on down the beach towards the rocks and take in the tranquillity as the waves crash against them.

Our Open Tip: If you’re an early riser, come watch the sunrise in the morning. Walk along the sand and watch the locals fish and swim to get their day started.

@ouropenpassport Red Beach Moreton Bay Region credit Our Open Passport

Red Beach, Bribie Island

Looking for dog-friendly places to visit near Brisbane? Bring the whole family including your furry four-legged friend(s) to Red Beach!

Set up here for the day and enjoy an epic view of Moreton Island and the enormous Moreton Bay.

There’s not a lot of shade along the beach here so we recommend bringing a sun umbrella or pop-up shelter with sunscreen and water for your doggo(s).

Our Open Tip: This beach is frequently patrolled. Be sure to take notice of the signs indicating: No dogs allowed/Dogs on leash/Dogs off-leash.

If you know of any other awesome digital detox places to visit near Brisbane or around the Moreton Bay Region, please reach out to us on Instagram! We love exploring Brisbane’s backyard.

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Our Open Passport

We're Matt and Cherrod; a US/Australian couple that met while on holiday that haven't stopped exploring since the day we met. Join us on our adventure as we give you our open advice and tips on our explorations as we seek out the best views, food, and experiences!

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