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Maiala, one of the best Brisbane Rainforest’s bushwalks providing kid-friendly and family fun activities. With truly beautiful and enchanting scenes Maiala is perfect for young ones and families. Bushwalking Brisbane can’t offer a better introduction to bushwalking for young feet. Regardless of your trailblazing level Maiala National Park in Mount Glorious is a rewarding getaway.

Brisbane Rainforest Magic

Prized for its ‘quiet’ walks and family-friendly picnic area Maiala National Park is a true gem among Brisbane rainforests. Its wildlife and surrounding beautiful flora certainly make you feel like you’re walking through a magic rainforest. Truly enchanting for young eyes, Maiala is an educating experience for all with plaques through-out the walkways to help identify sights of interest and certain flora. There are multiple bushwalks ranging from 2kms to 4.3km’s making Malia a perfect place for those starting out.

History of the Park

While Maiala means ‘quiet place’ in the tongue of the aborigines who resided in the area, its history hasn’t always reflected that. Previously used as a logging area, the clearings that now hold the picnic grounds were once the sight of steam-powered sawmills. In 1930 Maiala became the first national park declared on the D'Aguilar Range. Despite its history, we are lucky that Maiala National Park has returned to its roots, once again being a quiet place.

Maiala Walking Tracks

Feel like exploring? Maiala boasts five walking tracks and recommends some bushwalking experience as tracks may have short, steep hill sections, rough surfaces and many steps.

Western Window Track

A short, 1.2km return track, the Western Window trail starts from the top of the Maiala day-use area and moves west, great for those sunset views at day's end. The Western Window is a grade four walking track with limited signage and very steep, muddy sections likely to be encountered - previous bushwalking experience is recommended.

Rainforest Circuit

Like the Western Window Track, the Rainforest Circuit starts at the Maiala day-use area. Winding through the subtropical rainforest for a 2km return, you'll be amongst old Sydney blue gum, a sole survivor of the eucalypt forest that was once the original and dominant vegetation of the area. The Rainforest Circuit joins into the Cyprus Grove and Greenes Falls walking tracks.

Explore the Rainforest Circuit Track virtually here.

Cypress Grove

Branching off the Rainforest Circuit, the Cypress Grove track takes you deeper into the wildlife habitats, including white-browed scrubwrens hunting their small prey. A short, 2.5km return, it is recommended you allow up to an hour and a half to walk this track.

Greenes Falls

The Greenes Falls track is an ideal trail path for those wishing to truly get among the nature of Maiala National Park. Branching off the Rainforest Circuit, the Greenes Falls track will take you over rainforest pools and lead you to a lookout above Greenes Falls - a great location to snap a few panoramic shots! Greenes Falls is a longer path, estimated around 4.3km and requiring up to 2-hours to complete. Be prepared for an uphill battle on the return walk!

Explore the Greenes Falls Track virtually here.

Westside Track

One of the most scenic walks of Maiala National Park, the Westside track branches off the Western Window. Perched on the side of a steep slope, this 6.4km return track is fairly level though classed as grade four hiking trail. The Westside Track can be access from the Maiala day-use area or Lawton Road and Joyners Ridge road.

Aquila Loop

Ready to set your whole day aside to complete a bushwalk? Then the Aquila Loop is the one for you! Beginning at the Maiala day-use area, the Aquila Loop follows the Westside track past the Western Window and down a steep set of stairs to a junction. Taking a left, you'll hike to England Creek and past the bushcamp there, continuing on to the top of Northbrook Mountain. We recommend taking a break here, if not to rest then to at least take in the views of England Creek catchment. From the Northbrook Mountain bushcamp, follow Lawton Road past a saddle until you reach the Westside Track entry sign which will lead you back to the Maiala day-use area. This track adds up to 24km and depending on fitness levels can take up to 10 hours.

Maiala also has wheelchair-accessible facilities along with a barbecue, picnic tables, water (treat before drinking) and toilets.

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