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Copper & Cane Distilling

    Discover the magic of microbrewing at one of the region’s best-kept secrets nestled in the grounds of Old Petrie Town.

    Whether you’re a gin, vodka or rum aficionado, or a recent addition to the craft spirit fanclub you're sure to find a new favourite Friday night go-to at Copper & Cane, aka the best gin distillery Brisbane and beyond.

    A visit to this distillery will introduce you to the gin-making process and the team will guide you as you taste varied flavours infused with native botanical, local fruits and native ingredients.

    Best Gin Distillery Brisbane & Beyond

    The brainchild of Guy Dalby, the bar and distillery occupy the site of the Normanby Rum Distillery, a replica of the original, was created at Old Petrie Town in the 1990s.

    Copper & Cane has fast become a Friday night favourite with visitors to Old Petrie Town who come for the last Friday of every month moonlight markets.

    It’s also gaining a name for itself for functions – its first in the Still Room was a baby shower, taking advantage of the light-filled, atmospheric space.

    Having honed his craft with distillers in Tasmania, Guy’s emphasis is unashamedly on quality over quantity, with gin created in a 300-litre copper pot still on site.

    It’s the perfect setting to chat all things spirits with Guy – visitors love the chance to talk to the artisan behind the beverages and hear about how he makes the magic happen.

    It’s a part of the business he relishes – sharing his secrets and love of all things gin with like-minded souls.

    Locally Made Gin & Spirits Near Brisbane

    Copper & Cane specialises in locally produced small batch gins, many of which are flavoured with native botanicals found in the grounds of Old Petrie Town, resulting in a truly unique blend that can’t be found anywhere else.

    It’s tapping into a growing demand for locally produced small batch gins, and Guy’s foraging expeditions have led to some inspired discoveries, with native botanicals contributing to the unique blends.

    One such blend is a lemon myrtle base with rosemary and wattleseed that delivers a gentle, dry gin, while the Garden Gin has more spice, with grapefruit citrus on the front palate and green melon on the back.

    Copper & Cane’s not just about gin – it’s producing unique vodkas and rum is in production too.

    After securing a Barossa shiraz barrel, Guy spent nine months ageing vodka to create a limited release that he says drinks like a port, but without the sweetness at the back.

    Making Australia's Oldest Rum

    Guy is looking forward to launching some of Australia’s oldest rum using rum made by the Normanby Rum Distillery before it closed.

    It was barrelled in 2000-2001 and Copper and Cane plans to release it by the barrel over the next few years – so there’s plenty of reasons for return visits!

    If you are a gin lover and looking to taste some new Moreton Bay inspired flavours be sure to check out Copper & Cane, one of the best gin distilleries Brisbane has to offer.

    Copper & Cane Distilling, Dayboro Road, Whiteside QLD, Australia

    0424 587 345

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