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Kallangur Town Centre Memorial Park Gate

    Erected in 2000, the Kallangur Town Centre Memorial Gate is tucked into the corner of the busy Anzac Avenue and Goodfellows Rd intersection at Kallangur QLD.

    This Kallangur dedication site marks a departure from the soldier-orientated memorials dotted along this avenue of honour - it instead aims to encapsulate the impact of the war on the Pine Rivers community.

    Take a seat on the bench opposite the seated grandmother and child Anzac monument statues who peer up into the sky for passing planes. To the left of the archway stand 2 statues of uniformed soldiers in conversation, while beneath this Anzac park arch kneels another soldier.

    A colourful mural is attached to the fence behind the archway, partially obscured by overgrowth.

    Learn about the Anzac monument site’s significance by reading the signage behind the 2 upright Anzac soldier monuments. It provides a bit of background regarding the war effort on the home front and how the ongoing conflict affected the Pine Rivers District community at the time.

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    1397 Anzac Avenue, Kallangur QLD, Australia

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