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Store of Requirement

    For everything Harry Potter, Store of Requirement is your one-stop Harry Potter Brisbane shop. Offering officially licenced Harry Potter products, Store of Requirement is the answer to the dreams of Potterheads from Moreton Bay Region and beyond. Samford in Brisbane’s North offers this hidden gem for anyone looking for an authentic Harry Potter experience, based in a former brick church which breathes the atmosphere fans have yearned for.

    Get Yourself Sorted

    Sorting is just one of the Brisbane Harry Potter experiences that Store of Requirement offers. The talking Sorting Hat will offer its judgements on where you’re best placed, bringing to life an experience we’ve all envied Harry for, from time to time.

    With your Hogwarts House placement done, you can begin to enjoy the themed treats and trinkets scattered around the shop, and even collect your wand. The array of familiar choices will tie you to the wand you connect with most – after all, the wand chooses the wizard.

    Avoid the muggles and shop online

    Although it’s a Brisbane Harry Potter shop, Store of Requirement offers shipping across Australia on licenced Harry Potter products. These include clothing such as house robes, scarves, and beanies, mugs and banners, plush toys, board games, and other memorabilia. Hidden among the trinkets are Voldemort’s horcruxes, which are great fun to bring home and destroy. Manage some mischief with your own Marauder’s Map, travel back in time with a Time Turner, or enjoy the Tales of Beedle the Bard as never seen before.

    Store of Requirement also offers plenty of texts for your inner Hermione to devour, from replica textbooks to supporting guidebooks and collections. Treat yourself or someone to stylised or special editions of the original books we all know and love.

    The staff at Store of Requirement recognise their collection isn’t exhaustive, but are interested in expanding their existing stock with whatever you feel they’re missing.

    See what the muggles have to offer

    All of the items sold online are also on the shelves of this Brisbane Harry Potter shop. Butterbeer is available in-store, or forgo the Sorting Hat and try a House Reveal cupcake. For those particularly adventurous sorts, try your luck with some Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. For the kids there are options to host a birthday party for all ages, although there are restrictions of ten people or under due to seating constraints. Those looking to try out Hagrid’s Happee Birthdae Harry cake need look no further than the list of custom cakes offered by Store of Requirement.

    While you’re visiting this Harry Potter Brisbane North shop, see what else Samford has to offer, such as The Flying Nun Café next door, or Samford Valley Market. Take a trip down to Cedar Creek and enjoy the weather and sights that the students at Hogwarts missed out on.

    Remember, whether you come back in-store or online, Hogwarts will always be here to welcome you home.

    The Store Of Requirement - Samford, Station Street, Samford Village QLD, Australia

    0490 868 787

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